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For Your Enlightenment
I just posted an auction of a small library of self-help and spiritual enlightment books to the Save Mia fundraiser.

self help books auction fundraiser

Save Mia - Fundraiser - Update
A lovely new item has posted in the Save Mia fundraiser auction: Custom Faery Wing - Pendant or Earrings by [info]sihaya09. Take a look! Place a bid! Spread the word!

Save Mia is a fundraiser to help protect my lovely 4 year old granddaughter from domestic violence.

Save Mia - Fundraiser

My fairy print posted on the Save Mia fundraiser/auction. (This fundraiser was for my daughter and granddaughter. Thanks to all who participated.


Hi there!

Hi there!
Does anyone care
If I'm here or there?

Bye now!
Gotta go milk the cow.
Just kidding. I don't know how.

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